Tim Gunn’s Ruls for Women Over 40

Tim Gunn’s 6 Fashion Don’ts?

February 15, 2007 by Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler – The Glam Gals


Sounds like Project Runway’s Tim Gunn assumes that all women over 40 are overweight and out of shape!

His now famous list on Oprah of  The Six Things Women over 40 Should Never Wear, might as well have been called, The Six Things Fat Middle Aged Women Should Never Wear!

We totally agree that horizontal stripes, jackets that hit at mid-thigh, pleated pants, double breasted blazers, Capri length pants, and low rise jeans do not flatter heavy or matronly bodies.

But if you’re still looking fit and trim after 40, which many of us are these days, some of these styles will still work.

It’s really more about the shape you are in rather than your age your age. Let your body be your guide.

For example, a pair of cute Capri length pants on a boomer body is a great alternative to shorts.  A double breasted jacket can still look classy and fashionable on a slim, mature woman.

A classic horizontal striped top (we’re thinking of the cute navy nautical ones this spring) looks smart and sporty if you’re toned up top and not overly busty.

As for pleated pants, well they look terrible on any woman with a tummy regardless of age, and since flat front pants are what’s in style anyway, why even bother.

Ditto for jackets that fall at mid-thigh.

Low rise jeans, it’s true, are most always best left to young tight bodies, but we think that slightly lower jeans, rather than those frumpy high waisted ones make you look more hip and they flatter most figures.

So go ahead break a few rules. Let your shape, not simply your age, help determine what you should and shouldn’t wear if you want to be stylish at any age.


January 28, 2010. January.

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