How to become a celebrity

I need to do these things because I have always wanted to be famous and a celebrity.

With the Internet and reality shows, regular people like you are hitting it big and becoming the toast of the town. While there’s no giant door you simply walk through to stardom, there are some steps you can take in order to give yourself some added exposure. Read on to learn how to become a celebrity.

1) Get on a reality show. Every television channel seems to be running reality shows constantly, so think about what your talents are and find a fitting show. If you are good at physical activities, singing or being dramatic, there is a show that will give you national exposure.
2) Start a band and send your songs to everyone on the Internet. Recently a large number of bands have hit it big simply by having their songs catch fire through file sharing networks and social websites like MySpace. If your band is good enough, you might be the next musical celebrity.
3) Acquire a cable access television show and advertise like crazy. In certain cities, local celebrities are born on cable access, the public channel where anyone can have a show. In order for people to know you, you will have to find clever ways of advertising and getting your name on the tongues of everyone in town.
4) Develop a website that gives your unique opinion on the world or any topic you are opinionated about. If you have a big personality and a unique voice, people will begin to take notice and you might just become a celebrity.
5) Hire a publicist. A publicist’s job is to get you into the newspapers, magazines, television shows and websites that create celebrities. If you have the talent or personality to be a star, these people are the quickest route to the top.

February 4, 2010. Feburary.

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