What to do to increase your bust…..

I was with two girlfriends this weekend and we were talking about increasing our bust (not mine).  I found some tips that could help.

Boost your boobs in an instant:

1. Bra-Wonder:  Stars like Christina Aguilera admit they love wearing a Wonderbra to amp up theircurves.  And now with Victoria’s Secert’s new Miraculous bra, you’ll look two sizes bigger instantly!  Miraculous BRa, http://www.victoriassecert.com, $48.

2. Amping Exercise: “Vigorously rub your hands together, creating heat, then place them on your breasts and rub them slowly in an outward circular motion a minimum of 36 times, up to two times a day,” says JB Berns, author of Do It or Age Quickly.

3. Favorable Fat:  Sometimes fat can be a good thing, especially if it works to enhance your cleaveage.  Rodial boob job lotion traps fat cells around your bustline, making it appear fuller.  Rodial boob job, $150, blissworld.com

4.  Quick Fix: The Body Shop has a “Bust Firmer”.  This is just for a night out to increase one bust size, $12, http://www.thebodyshop.com


February 10, 2010. January.

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