Foods to Make your Skin Glow

Skin loves vitamin A—a nutrient easily found in low-fat dairy foods. Try yogurt in your favorite flavor, for starters.

Antioxidants can help prevent signs of aging, and blackberries, berries, plums and other fruits are packed with ’em. Eat the fruit as is, or try a concentrate such asHerbaSway’s Peach Green Tea. Mixed with warm water, it’s a terrific pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Another key factor: fatty acids, which are essential for healthy cell membranes—the barriers that absorb good nutrients, keep out unhealthy elements and filter out waste. Flax seed, walnuts and salmon are just a few rich sources.

And let’s not forget your good ol’ basic water! Hydrated skin is beautiful skin; drink plenty of water, all day long.


February 21, 2010. Feburary.

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