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There are a good half-dozen solid trends going on in the accessories world. Some of them even—get this—clash. It’s like they say: two designers, 20 different opinions. But we sally forth nonetheless.

Let’s start with neutrals.

“We stuck to the basic colors for spring and plan to really make color stand out in our line for the summer,” says Kristen Amato of K. Amato jewelry. “In the spring, you need to ease into colors, so neutral tones work perfectly. Think beige, caramels, olive, sea foam and smoke.” (Or bronzes. We love the bronze cuff bracelet from Amato’s line. And it’s only $36.)

Then again, maybe neutrals will have some competition this season.

“The biggest spring trends are bright, bold colors and florals,” say Carolyn Berluti and Lisa Sisco, the sister team behind Sisco Family Jewels.

Could it be that both neutrals and bold colors will make a strong showing this spring? Hey, why not? We’ve seen both color palettes featured heavily on red carpets during this past awards season. So there you go. Consider both neutrals and bold colors to be a go by Easter time.

We move on.

The domination of safari and tribal looks is expected to continue. “Our bone and wood bracelets complement this trend,” the Sisco girls tell me.

As for size, statement pieces are still huge—literally.

“Big, bold earrings, statement cuffs and large, layered necklaces are all top trends for spring,” jewelry designer Dean Davidson tells me. “My domed disc earrings and tubular bangles all reflect this trend—the gold and silver bangles are easy to mix and layer.”

Last, look for a lot of so-called “clear” jewelry, particularly Lucite. Think translucent bangles or rich, shining, bold rings. The latter is always a favorite here at mystyle, even when it’s in a simple color, like black.


March 18, 2010. March.

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