Glamours Favorite Nail Polish Shade of the Month (Oh, and it’s Only $2!)‏

Some of you have requested that I start featuring more drugstore
brands in my polish-of-the-month picks. Thus, allow me to present the
$2 (!) shade I am in love with for the month of April.

It’s “Undercover” from the new Wet N’ Wild Megalast Nail Color
collection–a muted rose shade with a bit of a moody brown undertone.
I like to think of it as a springier version of all those gray
polishes we loved during fall and winter. It feels like a perfect
transitional shade during these weeks when I never know if I’ll be
stepping out of the house in a T-shirt or a full-on winter coat. It’s
kind of like the cozy cashmere cardigan of nail polish colors.

I admit, I was originally going to nominate “Muddy Rose” from CND, but
remembering your drugstore request, I headed across the street to find
an easily accessible alternative on the shelves at Duane Reade (our
friendly neighborhood drugstore here in NYC). The CND is a bit pinker,
but the shades are very close cousins. Another option I love: the
aptly named “Angora Cardi” by Essie. –Petra Guglielmetti

polish-of-the-month picks


April 9, 2010. April.

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