25 Chic Weekend bags by Glamour

No more lugging a too-big suitcase on a two-day getaway or using your gym bag for an overnight jaunt. (Do you really want your cute sundresses mingling with the leftover crud from your sneakers?). Instead, be prepared for whatever weekend adventure may arise with a bag that’s the perfect size for a perfect short trip, like these.

Juicy Couture Royal Ruffled Canvas Tote

juicy couture royal ruffled canvas tote

Sonia Kashuk® XL Duffel Bag – Gray Cheetah

sonia kashuk xl duffel bag gray cheetah

La Regale Metallic Frame Bag

la regale metallic frame bag

ellington Saratoga Tote

ellington saratoga tote

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Chain Leather Tote

michael michael kors hamilton chain leather tote

Tommy Hilfiger Biscayne Large Weekender

tommy hilfiger biscayne large weekender

Plaid getaway tote by GAP

plaid getaway tote

Solana Duffel

solana duffel

Toss Designs Medallion Rolling Duffel Bag by endless.com

toss designs medallion rolling duffel bag

Bisbee satchel by J. Crew

bisbee satchel

Anya Roll Duffel Bag by Adidas

anya roll duffel bag

Calvin Klein Grosgrain St. Tropez Tote

calvin klein grosgrain st tropez tote

Marc By Marc Jacobs Packables Duffel Bag

marc by marc jacobs packables duffel bag

Halsea Weekend Bag by endless.com

halsea weekend bag

ellington June Tote/Pack endless.com

ellington june totepack

Pan Am Explorer

pan am explorer

Ecofriendly Weekender Handbags by Amy Kathryn

ecofriendly weekender handbags by amy kathryn

Tepper Jackson Samba Weekender Bag by endless.com

tepper jackson samba weekender bag

Wear To Work Straw Tote Bag by Limited

wear to work straw tote bag

Large leather tote by Banana Republic

large leather tote

Red Tango Weekend Bag

red tango weekend bag

Bric’s Duffel Bag Neiman Marcus

brics duffel bag

Juicy Couture Blue Blood weekend bag

juicy couture blue blood weekend bag

Nike “Sami” 2.0 Large Club Duffel Sports Bag

nike sami 20 large club duffel sports bag

Cs Nylon Duffel Bag

cs nylon duffel bag


April 17, 2010. April.

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