All ages wearing ripped Jeans

Stop asking for permission; this is not the Vienna Opera Ball. Wear what you will. But first, some notes on the trend.

Boyfriend jeans these days are running the distress gamut, from just a few tiny tears to semishredded to full-on Poison concert spaghetti pants. The first examples are fine. The last really doesn’t look all that great on anyone who isn’t on Gossip Girl.

“Lita Ford and Bon Jovi aren’t wearing them anymore, and neither should we,” Urban Darling founder and superstylist Corinne Phipps insists. “Little rips—nowhere near the fanny—are OK.” For example, Phipps likes the distressed skinny capris at Old Navy.

Any more rips than that, and really, why bother? You may as well be dressed like an extra in a Road Warrior movie. Anyway. I digress. Onward to pairings.

“If you must wear distressed jeans, make sure you are wearing something tailored on top,” Phipps insists. That’s right. Skip the precious faux-retro kitten T-shirts—as adorable as they are for weekend romping—and go with something like the button-downs at J.Crew. They stretch in the right places and will keep you respectable all around.


May 7, 2010. May.

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