No Make-up……

Kate Walsh, Rosario Dawson

We love not wearing makeup. It’s so liberating to look like, well, you. It also cuts down our primping time and helps our skin breathe. But we only go sans makeup on the weekends…when we’re running errands. We don’t think we have the cojones to do so at a party, much less a high-profile event, like Kate Walsh (at the Tribeca Film Festival) and Rosario Dawson (at the Costume Institute Gala) did earlier this week. How about you?

If I didn’t work where I have to wear make-up I would go without.  I love  not wearing make-up, my mom told me though as I am getting older I need to wear it.  A little is good but not caked on like I see some people, or even the orange line.  The point of make-up is to balance out your face so you have an even skin tone, to look like oyu don’t have any on!


May 7, 2010. May.

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