Wearing White

Ok, so there are colors out there that have rules about them and white is one of them.  If you have curves, I would sugguest you to wear a shaper under any white.  Make sure it is nude as well.

Here are some other tips about wearing white:

1. Wear nude undergarments. Nothing kills a look more quickly than an unsightly flash of skivvies peeking through the fabric. Bright red or pink thongs with white linen pants should be an obvious no-no, but white bras and panties are just as offensive–their blindingly bright presence is totally obvious beneath thin summer fabrics. Choose an undergarment that matches your skin tone as closely as possible, and it’ll blend seamlessly into your outfit

2. Just say no to red wine. And tomato sauce, cranberry juice, a bloody mary, anything slathered in ketchup, or sitting on the grass without a blanket beneath you. Wearing white is kind of a commitment, and if you want to maintain the crispness of your look, you have to make a few sacrifices to the stain-preventing powers that be. Nobody’s saying you need to stand around like a statue and avoid any fun, but sipping on red wine while wearing a white linen dress is just inviting trouble.

3. Avoid cheap fabrics–please! White is one of those colors that looks best in a natural state, like cotton, linen, denim, or wool. Synthetics like nylon, rayon, or polyester (I just cringed–please, please promise me to never wear white polyester, ladies!?) have a tendency to pill, stretch out, and just generally look worse for the wear after a wash or two. You want to convey confidence and purity in white, not embarrassment at how shoddily your clothes are made. You don’t have to spend a fortune–a white cotton T-shirt can cost just $5–but you will look like a million bucks if you stick with natural fabrics


May 10, 2010. May.

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