For the Guys

Came across this item that might appeal to some of you, a Jewel Warmer.  This is to help guys keep their “family jewels” warm when outside.

JWproduct2.jpg tn_Drawing2.jpg

You’ve found the greatest item for cold-weather outdoor enthusiasts since fleece was invented!  A small exaggeration?  Perhaps, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a good one!

  • Windproof, yet breathable
  • Plush velour fleece
  • Versatile, can be easily removed as temperatures climb 

Use a Jewel Warmer™ and continue using your high quality cycling short or bib chamois, no irritating seam!

Runners/Outdoor Enthusiasts:
Use a Jewel Warmer™ and enjoy its lightweight, comfortable protection inside your shorts or tights!

  • Use below 45°-50° in freezing temperatures, with no extra layers.
  • Forget the days of thawing frozen body parts (ouch!), uncomfortable layers, and bulky chafing objects.   

THE SOLUTION if your “jewels” have ever experienced cold discomfort while cycling or running.

I hope you have a comfortable experience with our product, and tell your friends!


May 11, 2010. May.

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