Dressing Lessons from Jessica Simpson

Lesson #1: Beware of spillover. Jessica’s body is undeniably gorgeous–petite, muscular, and curvy all at once–but you’d never know it from the looks of this strapless dress. Her cups runneth over; there simply isn’t enough room in the top for her breasts, and the result is some very unflattering spillover. For a busty girl to wear a strapless neckline, she needs serious support (look for a dress with a built-in bra or boning) and plenty of room to create enviable–not smushed–cleavage.

Lesson #2: Don’t bring extra attention to unflattering fit. This is another example of a dress that doesn’t have enough fabric to accommodate Jess’s breasts–but she’s taken it to a whole ‘nother level with those black tabs that feel like arrows pointing at her chest, indicating, “Look! My dress doesn’t fit!” Those tabs are meant to lie under your breasts (we saw it on the runway and it looked gorgeous!), so we say this is a style that should be left to the Kelly Ripas of the world!

Lesson #3: Cinch your waist, show off your shoulders, and draw all eyes to the right place. Here’s a recent example of Jessica absolutely nailing it. The silver sequin detail around the midsection gives her a defined waist, which helps accentuate her bust in a Joan Holloway-esque manner. Ditto the bit of sequin detail that runs along the neckline–it gives you just enough of a hint of what’s under there. And finally, show skin subtly by choosing a one-shoulder silhouette that still leaves a little to the imagination.



May 27, 2010. May.

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