New Cool Products to Try or Purchase

Love the frosty goodness of iced coffee, but not the way melted ice waters down the flavor? This is the perfect solution. Freeze roasted coffee in this clever bean-shaped tray for a long-lasting caffeine kick.

SHOP NOW: Coffee Bean Ice Tracy by Cool Beans, $9.95

Our little ones tend to get antsy when we go out to dinner — those complimentary crayons just don’t keep their attention. This twist on both Bingo and I-Spy hinges on what happens around you (the waiter arriving at the table, a cellphone ringing). It will keep the kids busy, and we’re sure you’ll want to play, too. 

SHOP NOW: Kids’ Night Out Bingo, $8

Tired of lugging around a pair of comfy shoes or limping in your stilettos? Say hello to the Pocketflop: a fashionable fix. Each cushiony pair folds in half to stash in a matching pouch. We’d love to have these on hand for commuting, keeping freshly pedicured feet pretty, sweeping through airport security, en route home from a late-night party. …

SHOP NOW: PocketFlops, $22

If you have a few wrinkles I have something for you.  You will not be able to tell because of this “little tube of miracles.”  This line filler was specifically developed by MAC to work underneath your makeup.  And it works so well at filling in your fine lines, that you literally fell older ont he days you forget to put it on.  MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler, $19.50

Prep + Prime Line Filler

Take your wine-tasting bash outdoors with this portable bamboo table. With slots to hold two wine glasses, there’s ample space for a mini picnic: We’d bring an oaky Chardonnay, bread, cheese and olives.

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond’s Portable Outdoor Bamboo Wine Table, $20

Portable Outdoor Bamboo Wine Table

There is nothing more fun to do on a hot day than to run through the sprinklers. So when we found this large beach ball-turned-water park, we were eager to get outside and frolic in the sun. Attach this three-foot-tall ball to your garden hose and let the “kids” (ahem) go wild.

SHOP NOW: Pottery Barn Kids’ Blue Stripe Beach Ball Sprinkler, $39

Blue Stripe Beach Ball Sprinkler

We were admittedly suspicious when we saw that there was a new animal-shaped vibrator in town (given that The Rabbit has long monopolized the creature-as-sex-toy market). But these brightly colored beasts measure up in the pleasure department — and make a case that vibrators can even be, er, cute.

SHOP NOW: Bullet Buddies by Screaming O, $13


June 28, 2010. June.

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