There are a lot of things out there that confuse me…Here one

I have family that is Mormon, and with that being said I know a lot of rules that they have to live by.  One of them is wear their graments, which is a holy cloth that is woren closest to their skin.  These just look like under shirts and bike shorts, then they wear their underwear and bras on top of them.  With that being said we all know that the Osmond Family are Mormon.  Why Does Marie Osmond never in anything that is by the rules of the Mormons?  She is either wearing very short dresses or nothing on top.  The rules are that they have to be coverfromthe knees up and their arms have to be covered mid-arm.  Basicly your garments cannot be showing. 

Here is what I am talking about:



June 28, 2010. June.

One Comment

  1. Rachel replied:

    Got to love special underwear of the mormons. She must not be strict. I have a friend that got into trouble for not wearing the right clothes…

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