What guys would want Girls to wear on a date

Thank goodness for jeans — and the men who love us in them! Most guys’ top pick was denim. What else works? Read on as ten guys share what they like to see you wearing on date night.

Less Is More

Guy 1: Jeans, heels and a nice, modest shirt.

Question: What do you consider nice and modest?

Guy 1: A black tee or tank top.

Question: Anything else?

Guy 1: Honestly, the less she looks like she’s trying to get my attention, the more she does!

A Peek of Skin

“Something low-cut. Maybe a skirt, with a V-neck top. Not too low — I don’t want to see everything, just enough to be exciting.” Guy 2

Points for Personality

“I like a woman who knows who she is, so anything that shows some personality is right for me. And, OK, I want to see a little skin, too!” Guy 3

Bright and Breezy

“It’s great seeing my girl in a sundress, especially when it blows in the breeze. Bright colors are good too.” Guy 4

Rear View

“Pants tight enough so that I can see her butt! Nothing else really matters.” Guy 5

Tall Order

“I like it when women wear flats, because I’m short, and they’re often taller than me in heels!” Guy 6

…And four more thoughts on the matter:

“White T-shirt and jeans, the easiest and can go anywhere.” Guy 7

“I find my girlfriend so beautiful that she doesn’t need to put on anything special to catch my eye. I love it when we’re hanging out and she’s barefoot and in a T-shirt.” Guy 8

“I’m not very picky, but one thing I don’t like is when women wear a skirt but cover their pretty legs with boots! It confuses me: If it’s cold enough for boots, why wear a dress?” Guy 9

“I want to see her in as little as possible. No, I mean makeup! I’m into natural beauty, so something to bring out her eyes or whatever, but nothing too done up.” Guy 10



June 28, 2010. June.

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