Mystyle Shopping List

Old Navy Bomber Jacket, Many Spectrum Ring, Mod Cloth Spotted Scarf

Things we want to buy today…

1. Unique It: Manu Spectrum Druzy ring, ’cause the gorgeous gem is unlike any of the rings we own; $94.

2. Double-Take It: Mod Cloth’s spotted scarf, for a polka-dotted piece that has the look of leopard print; $19.99.

3. Contrast It: Topshop belted shorts, ’cause the aqua hue would look fab against our sun-kissed stems; $65.

4. Sip It: reBloom’s Beauty Sleep Drink, so our dreams of getting enough beauty rest become a reality; $27.95.

5. Pout It: Estée Lauder Pure Color lip glosses, to light up our faces with a range of vibrant shimmers; $20.

6. Splash It: 1 Sol Swimwear’s laser-cut bikini, ’cause the cute floral details balance out the sexy look; $137.

7. Chunk It: Steve Madden’s T-strap wedge, for a heel we can spend the entire day shopping in; $88.95.

8. Kim K. It: Lipsy’s printed one-shoulder sheath, so we can dress like our favorite reality babe; $109.91.

9. Stack It: Williams-Sonoma cupcake stand, so we can display all of our red velvet cupcakes in style; $29.95.

10. Members-Only It: Old Navy’s ruffled bomber jacket, to give a maxi or tank top and shorts an ’80s flair; $14.47.


July 16, 2010. July.

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