Mom this is for you….Statement Necklace

Whether you consider yourself a fashionista or not, “statement necklace” is a term that you’ve probably heard multiple times during the past few years. So, what’s the scoop on the statement necklace? Why do you keep hearing “statement necklace” everywhere?  First, let’s quickly address what a statement necklace is.  The name pretty much says it all. Statement necklaces are usually tastefully big and bold necklaces, meant to well…be noticed. Typically statement necklaces occupy the region below your neck and above your bosom.  There is not one shape  that defines a statement necklace. They can be rounded, like a bib, or extend into a v shape. They can be casual, with lots of natural stone hues; highly decadent with gems and lots of sparkle, or even rocker-inspired, with multiple chain strands. To summarize, the key characteristics of a statement necklace include:  size (large, please) and conversation-worthy.
The statement necklace is by no means a new trend; this necklace style has been seen throughout history. For example, images of Cleopatra often portray her in some type of statement necklace or elaborate neckwear. Great styles and trends tend to come back around, so this is one of the reasons why we are currently obsessed with these large and daring neckpieces.

What Do You Wear with a Statement Necklace?

The statement necklace can totally make an outfit or inspire an entire ensemble. However, if you are dialing up the conversation meter on the necklace, we recommend you dial down the rest of the outfit, so that your outfit is not competing with the necklace. Making one cohesive statement is better than being drowned out by lots of chatter. Also, a statement necklace is made to be shown off, so a strapless dress or top or a crisp button-down shirt that opens up into a v is a great choice. In the winter, you can lay a statement necklace over a thin sweater or turtleneck. Ulitmately, you want the whole necklace to show from top to bottom. And you can use a statement necklace to dress up an outift. A statement necklace can add that piece of edge or flair to even a simple tank and jeans. Add heels and you are ready to paint the town red!

When wearing a statement necklace, also consider: 



A statement necklace should be chosen in proportion to your body. For example, a statement necklace appropriate for a woman that is 5’10” will probably be different than one that is appropriate for a woman that is 4’10”.  Ideally you will find a statement necklace that will comforably fit in the region in between your neck and your bosom, so that the entire necklace can be showcased.  In addition, a v-shaped necklace will elongate your body, whereas a rounded shape necklace will accentuate the width of your upper body. 

The Earrings and Such    

Remember that your statement necklace is your conversation piece.   You should wear minimal amounts of other jewelry when wearing a statement necklace, especially when it comes to the earrings, since they are so close in proximity to the necklace. We recommend stud earrings or small drop earrings in conjunction with the statement necklace. A few slim bangles and a nice ring can also complement a statement necklace beautifully. You have more breathing room to play with the size of the ring and the bracelets, but we do still recommend you keep the focus on the statement necklace and make sure that all of your jewelry pieces work together harmoniously.  With the statement taking the lead role.


Right Time. Right Place.

Consider your occasion or event when choosing a statement necklace.  With so many styles to choose from, you can wear a metal chain or pearl statement necklace to the office and save the sparkly gem necklace for a night out on the town.



Have fun! Experiment with statement necklaces and try various types of designs.  Some of the greatest creations took a little trial and error. So, don’t be afraid to try a statement necklace on even if you don’t think that it suits your personality or style. You just might be surprised! Many women think that they cannot pull off the statement necklace style, but end up finding one that accommodates them and that makes them feel great.  There’s a statement necklace for every woman, and your statement is all your own. Another bonus, enjoy your friends’ reactions when you arrive at the party wearing a show-stopping necklace.

Just like your favorite print dress, bright clutch or sky-high stilettos, a statement necklace can add personality and finesse to any ensemble.  Allow your clothing to be your blank canvas and enjoy the attention that your statement necklace attracts!


September 17, 2010. September.

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