How to Dress for your BodyType

I know I have posted this many times, but I feel it is stillnot getting through to everyone out there.

1) What to consider when learning how to dress best for your figure.  Look in the mirror and make an honest assessment of your body.  Embrace your shape and who you are.

2) Know your assets.  Whether it’s well-sculpted arem, a swanlike neck, or a wasp waist-dress to enhance those features

3) Accept yourself.  Accept the parts you are less than thrilled with and dress to de-emphasize them.

4) Consider the pieces you feel most comfortable in.  Dresse? Trousers?  Jeans? Button-ups?  Sweaters?  Then focus on finding the best cuts for you.

5) Be open to experimenting with new silhouettes.  Oieces you’ve always shunned could end up being the most flattering.


February 15, 2011. Feburary.

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