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How to Put an End to Embarrassing Sweat Patches?


Blossoming sweat patches under your arms are never in style. Good thing I’ve got the scoop on how to fix your sticky situation. First of all, you’ve got to check the label on your underarm product. It’s a common mistake to accidently pick up a deodorant instead of a combination antiperspirant/deodorant. Deodorant will prevent odor, but as for wetness, you may as well open the floodgates. You need a antiperspirant /deodorant to keep you dry and smelling fresh.

For gals concerned with the aluminum in antiperspirant, feel free to go au naturel and break out the Tom’s of Maine deodorant. But just a forewarning: most women find natural deodorants don’t work that well—aka don’t wear it on a date. Whatever you do please use some kind of deodorant—celebs refusing to use deodorant is a stinky trend shouldn’t be imitated.

When plain old deodorant isn’t going to cut it, sweat shields are a quick fix. The disposable wonders promise you’ll never have a sweat patch again. And although they don’t stop the sweating, at least you can freely give high fives without worrying about those pesky patches.

If you’ve still got armpit anxieties, I’m afraid I’m going to have to get all medical on you. You could have hyperhidrosis, which is a common condition where your sweat glands are over stimulated, resulting in extremely sweaty hands, feet and underarms. If that’s the case your doctor will likely start you off with Drysol, a prescription treatment applied to your underarms.

And if that doesn’t work, some have even turned to Botox. Apparently it’s not just for wrinkles anymore, but actually can be injected into the skin to temporarily paralyze the sweat glands. Unfortunately, this procedure may put your bank account into shock at about $600-$750 per treatment. But hey, at least if you have any of those unsightly underarm wrinkles, you can enjoy the extra bonus of youthful-looking armpits! Wonders never cease.

Perspi-Shield Disposable Sweat Shields



March 25, 2011. March.

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