The Dos & Don’ts of Going Sheer

Tempted by transparency but afraid of revealing too much? Michael Kors shares his see-through rules.

Be sexy, not naked.

Do balance revealing pieces with covered-up ones, like Kerry Washington’s skirt.

Don’t show a lot of skin at the same time. Sheer + bare = TMI.

Experiment with sheer prints.

Do match lingerie to your skin when wearing a dress like this one from MM Couture by Miss Me.

Don’t match your underpinnings to the print—you’ve got enough going on.

Embrace some lace.

Do know black lace is the easiest sheer fabric to wear. Or try gray or navy, as Blake Lively and Mia Wasikowska did.

Don’t sport head-to-toe white lace unless you’re familiar with the lyrics to “Like a Virgin.” Ecru and ivory are better options for nonbridal moments.

Try a long-sleeve chiffon blouse.

Do wear a solid cami underneath, as Florence Welch is doing. It’s a look that works, very Catherine Deneuve.

Don’t layer lacy camisoles and bras under transparent tops for day—only at night.

Bring sheer to the beach.

Do pair a see-through skirt with a longer top as a cover-up.

Don’t layer sheer over a flesh-toned suit. You don’t want to disappear!








March 25, 2011. March.

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