I noticed that my mane always looks great when I use a new shampoo for the first few times, but then my hair “gets used to it” and looks the same as always. What’s up with that?

You know how you like a little variety in your life, whether it comes to food, fashion or hey, even with your fellas? Your hair is no different. That lackluster mane of yours is trying to tell you something, but since I’m no hair-whisperer, I’ll let celebrity stylist, Oliver Ifergan, of the Oliver Ifergan Atelier, take it from here.

“Using the same shampoo often is not good for your hair, just like it could be bad for us to eat the same food every day!” urges the tresses tamer. Thankfully the common sense solution is incredibly easy. “Use one shampoo that you like and makes your hair look great for a few washes, and then change it up and use another shampoo,” advises Ifergan.

All you have to do is, “continue this process all the time, and you will see and feel the difference,” promises the expert. There are also some extra bonuses that’ll come with your new rotating hair regimen. Not only will you ban that lifeless look, but you’ll have an excuse to indulge in shopping for a wardrobe of hair products (validated by a celebrity stylist no less), and we guarantee your guy will love your mane’s new scents!



April 8, 2011. April.

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