Summer Trends Cont…

Temperatures are rising, so it’s time to explore this season’s hot new styles and see which summer 2010 fashion trends will make a comeback. Our industry insiders weigh in on this year’s summer fashion essentials from women’s swimsuits to date-night dresses.


-Wooden Heels
“It can be platform, wedge shaped, or an Asian-flavored cross clog and flip-flop,” says Jacqueline Leahy, a Fashion Design instructor at The Art Institute of California — San Diego.

-Loosely Tailored Pants
“I am looking forward to the Kate Hepburn loosely tailored pants of the 1940s,” Leahy says.

-Fashionable Leg Wear
“I feel the decorated leg covering is very important in today’s trend,” Leahy says. “Layering socks and coverings are a fresher look than the legging of the past.”

-Bright Colors
“My favorite way to wear the bright color trend is all the great prints,” says Kathleen Pacini, a stylist at Urban Darling. “The fun thing about a multi-color print is that you can play up some of the less obvious colors in the print to truly change the way a print looks with other items. Take a floral blouse and pair it with flare-leg jeans on the weekend and a pencil skirt during the week for work.”


-Neutral Colors
“Neutral colors are prevailing on the runway,” Leahy says. “Mixed with pop, acid, and metallic colors, this palette will please for a while.”

“This summer we will see an extension of the sheer trend with lace still going strong. Check out Christopher Kane, Dolce and Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, and Zac Posen,” says Suzanne Warner, a stylist at Urban Darling.

-60s Fashion
“Another look that isn’t going away yet is the return to 60s ladylike dressing, and the embrace of the curvy silhouette that was reintroduced to us last year,” Warner says. “This return to femininity is best embodied by the full circle skirt.”

“Prints are always fun and refreshing for summer, especially when mixed with other prints, or even better, when mixed with stripes,” Warner says.

“Always in style, stripes are back and bold,” Warner says. “Nautical colors are most popular this year, and the stripes should be the dominant point of the outfit.”


-Simplistic High-Tech Futurism
“My favorite has to be Lanvin,” Leahy says. I am very partial to the styling of the 1980s – that is when I was most influenced by fashion. My all-time favorite fashion designer is Claude Montana who brought the House of Lanvin back to life in the 1980s and now it is Alber Elbaz who is creating the most salable and interesting pieces for this season.”

-Maxi Dress or Skirt
“Make it a sheer neutral or go for horizontal stripes of any color and variety,” says Urban Darling stylist Susan Ford. “Nautical is in.”

-The Little White Dress
“Make it lacy,” Ford says. “Add some bling.”

-70s Flared jeans
“Pair them with something cropped or snug, and add a belt if they sit at your waist,” Ford says. “Cut your hair short and shaggy, if you dare. That’s what the models are doing.”

– Wiggle Dresses in Neon Colors
“Add a thin belt in a contrasting color plus kitten heels,” Ford says. “Ladylike is very in, but with an edge in terms of color.”

-Nude, Mesh Peep-Toe Bootie
“Goes with just about anything,” Ford says.


“Expect to find more cutouts and anatomical stretch pieces that may have a futuristic panel within the structure to give an athletic appeal,” Leahy says.

“Many designers pulled from global inspiration when designing their suits for the season,” says Urban Darling stylist Miriam Carvalho. “African, Moroccan, and Native American prints are key for showcasing international flair while at the local vacation spot.”

-50s Glam
“Nothing makes a girl feel more glam than channeling the sexiest women of the past,” Carvalho says. “High-waist bikinis with vintage touches hearken to days when curves were the sexiest thing on the planet.”

-Glitter and Gold
“Sequins, beads, studs, and rhinestones will make the sparkle of this season’s bathing suits second only to the sun,” Carvalho says.

“This summer lingerie leaves the top drawer,” Carvalho says. “Lace trimmings and delicious bustier-inspired swimwear will have beach bunnies blushing!”

“Be a masterpiece this season in abstract, geometric, stripe, and floral prints,” Carvalho says. “For a more conservative look, pair the prints with a solid bottom or top.”


-Leggings and Jeggings
“Out with leggings or jeggings tucked into boots,” Leahy says. “Anything that screams the 80s should be let go of.”

-Beaded Tees and Tops
“Last summer trends were heavy beaded,” says Urban Darling stylist Carly Montoya. The trend for this year is “simple,” Montoya says.


June 1, 2011. June.

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