Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Father’s Day, get that great husband or dad of yours something he’ll actually use…more than once.

Clamp Lamp

Sheds light on hard-to-reach spots — ideal for the next time he has to fetch the hamster from the crawl space. Gorillatorch clamp light, $29.95; joby.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Clamp Lamp // Greg Marino/Studio D/Magazine

Magnetic Wristband

Accessorize your handy man: He wears this on his wrist, and nails stick to it. Magwear magnetic wristband, $19.95; redenvelope.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Magnetic Wristband // Greg Marino/Studio D/Corbis

Muscle-Car Tee

A supersoft tee for your resident muscle-car enthusiast (that’s him, not you, right?). Farm Fare T-shirt, $39; toporanch.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Muscle-Car Tee // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook

Bocce & Croquet Set

Why will he love bocce and croquet? He can still hold a beer while he whacks the ball. Croquet and bocce set, $19.99; Target.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Bocce Croquet Set // Greg Marino/Studio D/Magazine

Branding Iron

Grilling, personalized. Be sure to ask, “Hey, cowboy, is that your initial on my steak?” Initial branding iron, $24.95; plowandhearth.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Branding Iron // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook

The Moustache Grower’s Guide

A ‘stache-styling bible for those who flatly refuse to shave it off. The Moustache Grower’s Guide, $9.95, amazon.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // The Moustache Grower's Guide // Greg Marino/Studio D/Getty Images

Canvas Sneakers

Put a little throwback-style prep in his step. Sneakers, $24.50; ae.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Canvas Sneakers // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook

Whale Cologne

Moby Slick! This vintage-y little tin houses a crisp orange-basil scent. Patch NYC Solid Fragrance in Whale, $22; soapandpaperfactory.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Whale Cologne // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook


He’ll feel all “Boys of Summer” in these. Sunglasses, $9.50; oldnavy.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Sunglasses // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook

Sprout Watch

Juice up his watch wardrobe. Sprout watch, $30; nordstrom.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Watch // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook

Plaid Shorts

Because a little color on those legs of his couldn’t hurt. Croft & Barrow plaid shorts, $34; kohls.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Plaid Shorts // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook

Manly Laptop Sleeve

Buy a protective coat for his other wife — you know, the one that he’s typing away on when he should be paying attention to you. Reversible laptop sleeve, $19.99; merkuryinnovations.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Manly Laptop Sleeve // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook

Lamborghini Wireless Mouse

The note: “See, your dream is close at hand.” Lamborghini wireless mouse by Road Mice, $48; cambriacove.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Lamborghini Wireless Mouse // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook

Streamer Fly Box

These proven-to-work lures are good for a fisherman’s ego. Essential Streamer Selection, $19.50; llbean.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Streamer Fly Box // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook

Hair & Body Wash

Okay, this one is more for you, because it makes him smell like the ocean (yum!). Body and hair wash, $16; mistralsoap.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Mistral Hair & Body Wash // Greg Marino/Studio D/Getty Images

Garden Hose

You know what they say: If you build it, he will come. And if you give him a hose, he’ll water it. Room Essentials hose, $9.99, and nozzle, $3.99; target.com.

"Father's Day Finds Under $50" // Garden Hose // Greg Marino/Studio D/Redbook

June 17, 2011. June.

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