Always Looking for a Good Pore Minimizer

Kesari Pore Minimizing Indian Clay Masque

MIRACLE PRODUCT:  Kesari Pore Minimizing Indian Clay Masque ($29.50)

THEY SAY: The product deep-cleans, minimizes pores and moisturizes for an unparalleled glow and radiance.

WE SAY: Keep reading for reviews from Style staffers!

Pros: It was almost like a thick lotion, which was refreshing when compared to most mud masks. I liked the subtle scent.
Cons: I’m not sure if I saw a difference in pore size, but my skin did feel soft.
—Kathryn C., Editorial

Pros: The Kesari mask is really easy to apply and remove. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth with a burst of deep moisture rejuvenation. It also doesn’t cause any irritation or drying and doesn’t leave an oily residue. This mask is awesome for someone with sensitive or combination skin!
Cons: I wouldn’t recommend using the mask in the shower as it doesn’t seem to work properly with the added condensation in the air.
—Liana C., Photo

Pros: This was the most calming face masque I have ever tried. It melted into my skin right away. My face felt extremely soft and refreshed afteward. It also minimized my pores.
Although my face did appear brighter, I didn’t get a noticeable glow.
—Danielle D., Editorial

Bottom Line: The soothing masque is compatible with the most sensitive of skin types, but powerfully cleanses the face.


August 27, 2011. August.

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