Leighton Meester’s Top 5 Fall Style Tips

1. Wear a Hat!

“When it comes to my fall clothes, I love wearing hats,” said Meester. “I love being comfortable, so that’s a big part of it.”

2. Find Your Signature Scent

“I wear Lovestruck every day,” the actress told us. “I wear it when I’m getting ready for work at 5 AM and not feeling so love-struck, and I’ll wear it when I’m meeting up with friends.”

3. Pair Sleek Leggings With Oversize Tops

When it comes to her wardrobe, the actress goes for comfort. “I like to do a lot of casual, really easy clothes,” she said. “I love wearing jeans, leggings, and oversize shirts or sweaters.”

4. Invest In a Great Pair of Boots

To Meester, boots are a must for fall. “I love boots. I just got a new pair of Vera Wang boots I’m excited to wear,” she told us. “They’re these knit calf-length boots with tassels, they’re very sexy! Of course, I have my tried and true Alaia boots, and I’m obsessed with them.”

5. Top Off Your Look With a Leather Jacket

What is Leighton’s must-have item? “My fashion staple would probably be a really nice leather jacket,” she said. “I have a great Proenza Schouler jacket that I like to pair with different outfits.”



August 27, 2011. August.

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