Mad Men Style

The show’s not back till 2012 (sob), so get your fix with a 1960s-inspired collection from Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant and Banana Republic’s Simon Kneen. Read their Dos & Don’ts!

"How to Get Mad (Men) Style" \\ Women in stylish clothing holding umbrellas \\ Photo: Frances Tulk-Hart

Cardigan, $90, top, $45, pants, $128, necklace, $40, shoes (on both), $120, dress, $150, all Banana Republic Mad Men Collection; belt, $40, bracelet, $40, Banana Republic

"How to Get Mad (Men) Style" \\ Woman with hourglass figure with leather belt \\ Photo: Courtesy of AMC, Cathy Crawford

Embrace the Hourglass

Do belt everything.

“It’s all about the waist!” says Bryant. “This look is so figure-flattering.” Channel your inner curvy Joan by belting your favorite sheath, sweater or even trench.

Don’t cinch yourself to death.

Your waist actually looks smaller if your belt’s a tiny bit loose. Plus, you can breathe.

"How to Get Mad (Men) Style" \\ Woman wearing pearls \\ Photo: Courtesy of AMC, Cathy Crawford

Go for Pearls

Do wear them in unexpected ways.

The Mad Men gals are all about pearls; Kneen loves them with modern, casual clothes, as on the model at top left. “We’re in a very polished moment,” he says.

Don’t get all matchy-matchy.

We love Peggy, but wearing a pearl necklace and earrings is too old-school.

"How to Get Mad (Men) Style" \\ Woman sitting on large chair in red flowered dress \\ Photo: Courtesy of AMC, Cathy Crawford

Yes, Wear a Dress

Do choose a modern one.

Betty’s flowered shirtwaist becomes 2011-ready with a shorter hem and cap sleeves. “I took the period silhouettes and made them stylish,” says Bryant.

Don’t go too costumey.

Borrow Betty’s dress or her necklace, but not both.

"How to Get Mad (Men) Style" \\ Man in suit with classic hat \\ Photo: Courtesy of AMC, Cathy Crawford

Get Your Guy in on It

Do date Don Draper.

OK, he’s fictional. And a serial cheater. So, no. But he dresses well! To make over your guy, Kneen advises: “Just wearing a skinnier print tie with a white shirt gets the trend.”

Don’t let guys have all the fun.

You can wear a fedora too!



September 4, 2011. September.

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