10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished

Easy tips and tricks to freshen up your look.

Dress Up a Messy Knot

Take a creative cue from the runway: Loose, effortless-looking chignons were accented with chic brooches at the Chanel show. Sam McKnight, who styled the dos, says to first mist strands with texturizing spray to rough them up (this will help keep the pin from slipping). Twist hair into a knot, fasten, then clip your jeweled piece into the side. For extra security, slide a few bobby pins under the closure.


"10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished" \\ Green beaded broach \\ Photo: iMaxTree; Time Inc Digital Studio


Glass and crystal brooch with gold plate, Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel, $175; leeangel.com.


Throw on a Blazer

A fitted jacket can jazz up jeans in seconds and bring sharp, clean lines to loose dresses. “You’ll instantly look put together,” says stylist Cher Coulter, who suggests pushing up sleeves for a cool effect. As for the color, consider navy the new…well, you know. “It’s less common than black and much more feminine,” she adds.

"10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished" \\ Dark blue blazer \\ Photo: Time Inc Digital Studio


Polyester jacket, Express, $88; express.com.

Perfect Your Pose

Whether standing at a party or on a red carpet, angle your body slightly to the side and extend one leg out in front of the other, like Reese Witherspoon. “This slims and elongates your silhouette,” says body-language expert Patti Wood. Then imagine that a string attached to your head is being pulled upward—”You’ll immediately stand taller,” she says.

"10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished" \\ Reece Witherspoon \\ Photo: WireImage

Maintain Your Manicure

Chipped nails send a clear message: You’re not mindful of your appearance, says N.Y.C. manicurist Jin Soon Choi. Weekly upkeep (or as close to that as possible) is ideal. And before you grab that bright lacquer you spotted on Katy Perry, remember that chips are less obvious on nude shades. Plus, says L.A. manicurist April Foreman, “They’re close to your skin tone, so they make your fingers look longer.” If your skin is fair to medium, beige tones can flatter; for darker complexions, try rich shades of taupe or chocolate.

"10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished" \\ Nail polish \\ Photo: Time Inc Digital Studio

Splurge on Accessories

Think timeless, not trendy. Bags with structured silhouettes make elegant eye candy. Avoid flashy logos that can quickly look dated. As for shoes, heels (go for 3 inches) make you stand upright and lengthen your legs, says Coulter

"10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished" \\ Victoria Beckham \\ Photo: INFphoto

Be Color-Coordinated

You don’t need to match your entire wardrobe from head to toe. But tying your lipstick to just one element—like your shoes or your belt—can really brush up your look. If you’re working with red, match the tones exactly for a glamorous look. “With coral or rosy pink pieces, just keep your lipstick within a similar shade range,” says makeup artist Fiona Stiles.

"10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished" \\ Actress wearing bold flower print dress \\ Photo: Getty Images

Invest in a Blowout

Calming frizz can have a calming effect on your nerves, says Blow NY stylist Naeemah Carre. Book a standing appointment at your salon—or in your own bathroom. A quickie DIY review: Dry hair almost completely, then point the nozzle down over strands as you curl ends around a round brush to create bounce. Then take the top section at the crown and fasten it into two pin curls; blast them with a shot of cool air, then release. Hello, soft waves!


"10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished" \\ actress with natural makeup and hair \\ Photo: Corbis

Pile on the Bracelets

Like poker chips, bangles are better when they’re stacked high. “They’re a classic shape and a versatile accessory that never goes out of fashion,” says stylist Robert Verdi. Try a rose-gold finish; not only is it having a moment right now, it also casts a warm glow onto your skin, Verdi notes.


"10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished" \\ Bracelets \\ Photo: Time Inc Digital Studio

Rose-gold vermeil bangles, Ippolita, $350 each; ippolita.com.

Refine Your Canvas

Nothing says “I’m tired” like a dull, uneven complexion. So apply a primer, which smooths out creases and hides pores (but usually takes less blending than foundation). Then swipe a brightening concealer over undereye circles.


"10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished" \\ undereye treatment \\ Photo:Time Inc Digital Studio

YSL Touche Éclat, $40; yslbeautyus.com.

MAC Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF 35 in Recharge, $30; maccosmetics.com.

Glam Up Your Touch-Up

If you’re going to whip out a compact at the dinner table, choose one that could almost pass as an accessory. Opt for a modest-size version with a gold or silver finish. “Anything big and colorful tends to look like plastic and not terribly elegant,” says Stiles.

"10 Ways to Look and Feel More Polished" \\ compact \\ Photo: Time Inc Digital Studio


Estée Lauder Golden Alligator compact, $33; esteelauder.com.


Dior Blue Tie palette in Smoking Blue, $70; dior.com.



October 5, 2011. October.

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