The World’s Most Popular Handbags

There’s probably no easier way to figure out what stuff people want than tracking what they search for online. So to see which handbags were most buzz-worthy last year (and, in theory, most buy-able), Digital Luxury Group did just that, analyzing over 130 million internet searches from April 2011 to May 2012.


10. Michael Kors

“Jet set” chain medium shoulder tote, $238, Michael Michael Kors,

jet set

9. Marc Jacobs

“Sutton” bag, $1,195,


8. Mulberry

“Bayswater” bag in pinky mink metallic snake suede, $1,500,


7. Hermes

“Victoria II” bag, $4,600,


6. Prada

50s cars “Saffiano” clutch, $2,270, Prada,


5. Longchamp

“Le pliage” bag, $145,


4. Gucci

New bamboo zebra print calf hair top handle bag, $2,290,


3. Chanel

Used black caviar petite timeless tote, $2,099, Chanel,


2. Louis Vuitton

Velvet and crocodile skin bag, $1,910, Louis Vuitton,


1. Coach

Leather new “Willis” bag, $298,




August 8, 2012. August.

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