Your Guide to Achieving Blake Lively’s Easy Glamour (No Red Carpet Required)

I do this all the time!! Very Easy!!


You might not suspect an animated movie premiere to be a prime spot for red carpet glamour — but Blake Lively‘s appearance at husband Ryan Reynolds‘s Turbo screening in NYC last night could easily change your mind. The actress wowed in a Burberry look that’s one part glamazon, one part cool girl — a nugget of styling gold you’ll want to steal. Here’s how it works:

  • Reach for an embellished pencil skirt (just check out the details on Blake’s!), topped off with sequins, beads, or even a high-shine metallic finish. This will be the dressiest component of your look.
  • Now for the trick — instead of topping with a silk or shiny top, temper the skirt with a laid-back tank for a cooler, modern spin on dressing up.
  • Add nude heels à la Blake for the mile-long-leg effect, and you’re ready to hit dinner, drinks, and wherever else the night takes you (no red carpet necessary!). Just shop the key pieces below to get the look

July 10, 2013. July.


  1. Kristy replied:

    I loved seeing her in this look and I especially like how she kept her hair and makeup very clean and simple; it truly lets her shine! I love the concept of taking a piece that is dressy or embellished and pairing it with a simple piece. Great combination!

  2. geile sex date replied:

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