Knowing Your Body Shape

I have wanted to lately set-up a station where ever I am and ask women if they know their body shape.  I don’t think a lot of women understand or know what their body shape is and how to dress for it.  You can fit into multiple body types, its just knowing what works for you, what your best feature is.

For example me:

I am average height for an american, but I am Petite up top and between a petite and regular for the bottom.  I also have a large bust for my frame.  When I am at my ideal size I have no hips or butt, but when I am a little bigger I have a butt and my hips get wider.  With all of that said I know what works for me, do I get bored with that YES!! And I alwasy want to step out of the box and it always bites me in the ass! lol

I have realized I have to balance my body.  There is only a certain cut that looks good on me when it comes to dress.  I also know that I can’t wear over pleated or too ruffly pieces, they are not pretty.  I have to keep my style pretty the same and just add little things that are trendy now.

I recomend that if you are confused or unsure of what your body type/shape you are ask a friend that will be honest and that you trust.  Or you can always message me and we can disscuss it, you just ahve to be prepared for what I will say even if you don’t like what I have to say.


If celebrities help you know your body shape:

Celebrities with different body types

After doing research and reading what toher stylist have said about dressing for your body type I have found that there are more than 4, 5, or even 6 body types we are all different.  The British team from the UK what not to wear has come up with 12.  I really agree with them.

This is what they think. Woudl love to hear if you agree.

Group 1: “So I think I might be a pear…”




And you might very well be! But, more likely, you could also be the more common Bell or “Skittle” (Britspeak for bowling pin) types. While many cuts will flatter all 3 of these shapes, each has its own characteristics that can be played up by choosing very specific cuts of denim.



The Bell

Celebrity fit twins: Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Alyson Hannigan


Made famous by Sir Mixalot and his one-hit wonder, the Bell boasts both a gravity-defying behind and enviably long legs. While you’re the envy of less bootylicious women everywhere, you may find it difficult to find jeans that feature both the extra-long inseam you need and a contoured waist that will cover your ample butt.


Features to look for:

  • A wide leg – this will balance out the disproportion between your skinny calves and your butt
  • A lower rise in front with a contoured waist – this will add length to your torso and balance you out, while the higher back rise will prevent you from flashing people, a particular problem when you have a “high”-set (or “shelf”) butt!
  • Cuts that run a size or two bigger in the hips than in the waist – this will prevent the dreaded “gap waist,” which plagues you and the Hourglass more than any other body type
  • Looooong inseams!


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • 7FAM’s Dojo jean: These are made for you, with their low rise, tendency to run tight in the waist, roomy hips and thighs and wider leg.
  • True Religion Bobby flares, Johnny straights (if you need a narrower leg – don’t do a real skinny jean), or other cuts without the flap pockets. (To get the wide leg, try TR’s Candice cut, or possibly the now-discontinued Emma cut.) TRs tend to run much smaller in the waist compared to how they run in the hips, but unlike most of the other types, you won’t have to worry about “saggy butt” syndrome–they’ll fit you perfectly.
  • J Brand’s “Blue Label” curvy-cut line might also work really well for you (of course, sticking to straight or wider legs–skinnies will only highlight the disproportion between your long legs and tiny torso)
  • Surprisingly, Paige Premium Denim’s Robertson cut may be great for you (despite her tendency to have big waists and small thighs). They have wide legs and seemingly high pocket placement in the back, so while they may look like “mom jeans” on someone with a more heart-shaped butt, they might look perfect on you.



The Skittle

Celebrity fit twins: Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Halle Berry, Rachel Bilson, Natalie Portman


You’re probably wondering what a Skittle is…well, apparently, in the UK it’s a bowling pin! Basically, you probably went through life thinking you were a pear but wondering why you didn’t have much of a butt. They are actually two distinct shapes (but probably genetically related), and the Skittle is one of the most common out there, especially if you’re Eastern European (like my mom) or East Asian. The good news is…you are quite easy to dress! Many of the big premium denim brands feature flashy pocket details that will fill out your booty, and a lot of cuts feature both roomy thighs and stretch fabric, both of which are essential for you. Since your legs are short in proportion to your height, it’s probably fairly easy for you to find a pair on Ebay with thrashed hems, cut off the damage, and have a pair that’s good as new!

Features to look for:

  • Fun pockets – crystals, thick stitching, flaps, you name it! As long as it adds interest to the butt area, it’ll make you look more bootylicious.
  • Generous thighs – ’nuff said.
  • Stretch fabric – unless you’ve got a pair that runs really big in the thighs, rigids probably won’t get past your knees, or they’ll at least be really uncomfortable when you’re sitting down!
  • A somewhat higher rise – since you’re long-waisted, these will make your legs look nice and long. Too high, though, and you’ll get the pancake butt effect.
  • A bootcut or straight leg. Since you have generous calves, tread carefully in the area of skinny jeans…while the tiniest of Skittles can look great in them, they won’t be comfortable on most of you. Very tall Skittles can also really rock a pair of supah-flares or widelegs, but petite girls will get swallowed up in them.


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • Repeat after me: True. Religion. Joeys. 🙂
  • Probably anything by True Religion, actually. The old Sammys might not be the most flattering on your booty, but any of the flap-pocket cuts, as well as the Big T and Super T varieties of most cuts, will look super-hot on you. TR usually runs pretty generously in the thighs, as well, so most of their stretch fabrics should fit you nicely.
  • Many 7FAM jeans will also work well, especially the older A-Pockets (the kind that run 2 sizes small in the waist), whose short original inseams won’t be a problem for you.
  • Many pairs by Adriano Goldschmied (AG Jeans) will also flatter, given that their small and slightly angled pockets will fill you out a bit and that they are often generous in the thighs.
  • Certain cuts of Diesel may work, if you are particularly tiny and can get them past your thighs (I’ve never been able to!). Their funky pockets will do wonders for your booty.
  • Some pairs of Paige jeans will look really nice on you, but you’ll need to find pairs with extra stretch or that run unusually generously in the thighs (Paige is not known for thigh room). Bonus if you can get a pair with pretty embroidered pockets to fill out the booty (some possible cuts include Hidden Hills or Robertson, but beware of the Rising Glen, which might emphasize a pancake-butt)
  • Hudsons – the ones with the flap pockets – will fill you out nicely as well.



The Pear


Celebrity fit twins: Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Trinny Woodall, Lea Michele, Katie Holmes


Sir Mixalot might like big butts…but he wasn’t the one trying to find jeans to fit them! If you share the Bell’s bubbly butt and thighs and the Skittle’s less-than-lengthy legs, congratulations, you really are a pear. While you might feel awkwardly disproportionate, especially when you’re buying size XS extra-long tops and heading to the size Large short-inseam pants rack…you’re actually super-easy to shop for in the area of jeans! Your nearly perfectly-shaped butt makes almost any brand look great, and the burden is on them to create cuts that will actually fit over your thighs. Since this is my own body type, I’ll have a LOT of fit advice for my fit twins out there 🙂


Features to look for:

  • High rises – they’ll do double duty in balancing out your figure, both lengthening your legs and covering your behind!
  • Cuts that run small in the waist compared to the fit of the hips and thighs – nobody likes a gap waist. (Luckily, your stretched-out torso and more heart-shaped behind make your waist measurement slightly more proportionate to your hips than those of your Bell friends)
  • Trouser cuts – as long as they don’t have those annoying angled slash pockets in front, which don’t get along with our thunder thighs. (Actually, you could probably just stitch down those pockets and avoid the problem.) Clean front trousers are best. There’s a reason Ruth started calling me Trouserchica!
  • Wider legs in general – bootcuts, flares, etc. Straights are about as narrow as you should go, and skinnies should be reserved for boot-stuffing only (nor will our calves ever fit into skinny jeans–straights look like skinnies on me!)
  • Thicker, stretch denim will make your life easier, though I’ve found a few rigids that fit me really well too.
  • Large pockets – preferably without too much detail, if you’d like to minimize your butt. You could always draw attention to your best asset (ha) with some pocket bling, though!


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • 7 for All Mankind! This is my favorite brand and one I’ve found to fit me well nearly universally. Obviously you won’t see me rocking any Roxanne skinnies (or the Kates, which run way too big in the waist), but the bootcuts, flares, straights, Flynts (possibly my favorite), Dojos, Gingers, Jaggers, Mias, most Kimmies, and just about any of the older cuts (tan or white paper content tags) are a guaranteed fit.
  • True Religion – the Joeys fit me perfectly every time, though you may not desire the extra booty boost the flap pockets give. You might like the Rachel bootcut (higher rise, no flap pockets) or the Johnny straights. The original Sammys will also look really good on you, much to the envy of most of your denim forum friends.
  • Citizens of Humanity – these provide similar fits to 7FAM’s jeans, but the pockets are plainer in design, which will draw your butt more into proportion with the rest of you. Their tendency towards wide pocket placement, while a problem for many, might not be as noticeable on you, and you may like the higher-rise cuts like the Amber, Hutton, and Elson.
  • Joe’s Jeans – while I don’t own any of these, the ones I’ve tried on tend to have a nice, curvy fit, with plenty of thigh room. They also make the “Honey” cut, which is intentionally smaller in the waist and bigger in the hips. The “Provocateur” petite cut may also save you the need to hem.
  • Paige Premium Denim’s Hidden Hills and Rising Glen cuts – while most Paige won’t work on our shape, I really love these two. The thicker waistband on the Hidden Hills adds to the rise without giving the “mom jeans” look, and they’re cut way more generously in the hips and thighs than Paiges usually are. (Also, the pear might be the only one of the 12 body types who can really, really rock the Rising Glen–thanks to your Gumby-like torso, even the crazy-high rise should still miss your belly button by a few inches, and your butt is big enough to avoid high-rise pancake-butt!)



Group 2: “Well, I’ve got a belly, so that makes me an Apple, right?”




Maybe, but not always! You could also be an athletic Brick or a well-endowed Goblet. In any case, you probably find jeans shopping super-frustrating, but I’m here to help! 🙂


The Brick


Celebrity fit twins: Kelly Osbourne, Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff, Kim Cattrall


Yes, I know, the name isn’t all that flattering…but it does portray how strong and athletic you probably are. Most gymnasts are petite Bricks, and when you’re in shape, you’re a muscle machine! Especially if you’ve recently stopped athletic training, you may feel rather masculine in your shape at times, with your broad shoulders, narrow hips and generous thighs, but there are plenty of brands and cuts that flatter this very common type. Read on!


Features to look for:

  • Thick, stttrrreeeeetch fabric! Your athletic thighs won’t be tamed by rigids, and you don’t want to suffer from the “saggy butt” effect either.
  • Cuts that run generously in the waist compared to the hips
  • Fun, funky pockets – flaps, crystals, crazy stitching – nothing is off-limits when you’re not trying your darndest to disguise a fat behind!
  • Twisted seams, if you can find them, will add curves to your shape.
  • A higher rise – these are doubly flattering on you, both lengthening your rather short legs and containing any belly pooch.
  • Bootcut, wideleg, and some skinny cuts – yes, I said both wideleg and skinny! Widelegs will fit your thighs and lengthen the leg (as long as you hem them for heels!), and skinnies will give you curvier hips. With skinnies you’ll want to be careful about the fit of the thighs and calves (both of which are generous on you), so go with a really stretchy fabric and a clean, dark wash, perhaps also pairing them with big boots.


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • Paige Premium Denim – many of her jeans run bigger in the waist than in the hips. You’ll want to try on several, though, due to her tendency to cut jeans small in the thighs.
  • William Rast – these tend to run big in the waist and thighs, and many styles come with interesting pockets (you might really like the Belle flap-pocket flare).
  • Adriano Goldschmied’s Bergman trousers may work nicely, since they have fold-under details at the hips, which will add some curves.
  • J Brand – these also tend to run bigger in the waist than in the hips–sometimes with a difference of up to 2 sizes–and their sleek washes will slim your legs as well. (Just avoid the Blue Label line, which is specifically cut for extreme curves, and make sure the J Brands you pick aren’t equally slender in the thighs). If you’re not feeling the skinny trend, try the 818 Mid-Rise Bootcut in Ink, which runs 2 sizes smaller in the hips and will lengthen your legs with the slightly higher rise.
  • True Religion, if you can find some that don’t run huge in the hips. If you can find some narrow-hipped Joeys or slightly higher-rise Becky bootcuts, they’ll make your butt look amazing. (I sold some Beckys in Houston wash that ran 2 sizes smaller in the hips than the waist, so you might like these!)
  • 7FAM’s Kate straight leg – while opposite body types constantly complain about the way these run small in the hips compared to the waist, you’ll love these, and the pretty pockets will fill out your butt! You may also like the newer A-Pocket flares (which fit like Kates from the knees up – just watch the thigh measurements) or Ginger wideleg for dressier occasions.
  • Rock & Republic (the original line if you can find them, not the Kohl’s line) – As with Paige, many run small in the thighs, and so you’ll want to try them on first, but their smaller pockets and often-generous waists will look great on you. These guys also really, really love crystals and studs, which will boost your booty, and many washes run big, so if your waist puts you just outside the size 32 range, you’ll still have plenty of options.
  • Hudson – a wideleg cut with their signature flap pockets will trim your thighs and boost your booty.



The Apple


Celebrity fit twins: Amy Winehouse, Kesha


Until now, you may have focused only on your generous tummy, flat butt and how difficult you find shopping to be…but the Group 1 girls see your enviably thin and endless legs, nicely endowed “girls,” and noticeable lack of thunder thighs…and we’re jealous. The past decade’s fashion fads have also been a lot kinder to your body type than to ours! (Leggings? Gladiator shoes? Bubble hems? Pleated pants? Obscenely low rises? Can I have my 90s back?) And yes, there are jeans out there that will look great on you, assuming you’re not showing off your endless legs in mini skirts all the time. (But if we were you, we would!)


Features to look for:

  • Trouser cuts – especially if the have funky flap pockets or welt pockets in back. Clean front styles are probably best, and a great wide leg will balance things out. Bonus if you can find some with a side zip (Citizens of Humanity’s Lou Lou Birkin in Stinson wash is a good example)
  • Either a slightly high or very low rise, depending on how you feel about your tummy. Higher rises will hold things in, but if you’re a slender Apple, a super-low rise will add curves to your butt and add length to your short waist.
  • Skinnies – especially with a flowy peasant top.
  • Crops, as long as the weather cooperates – your long and thin legs should be shown off! (Just keep them slim in fit, like a cigarette leg, and avoid the sloppier “boyfriend” style)


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • Citizens of Humanity’s Birkin low-rise trousers – depending on the wash, many of these come with interesting pocket details, and the Lou Lou Birkin in Stinson comes with a side zipper, which draws attention away from the tummy. These are your perfect classy going-out jeans.
  • 7 for All Mankind’s Kate straight leg – you and your Brick girlfriends will love how narrow these run in the hips, though in addition, you’ll want to find the ones that run tight in the thighs. The pockets will fill out your butt as well. If you’d like a flare, go for the newer, stretch A-Pockets.
  • Rock & Republic – especially their Berlin skinnies, which will be long enough for you (when most skinnies run short). The brand’s tendency to run big in the waist is maddening for some, but perfect for you.
  • Paige Premium Denim – Like R&R, these run small in the hips, and they’re even smaller in the thighs. The vintage Laurel Canyon bootcuts (with the V-shaped pocket stitching) will look amazing on you, and if you need a higher rise, try the Hidden Hills or the Santa Monica trouser.
  • J Brand – they often run much bigger in the waist than in the hips (and often have small thighs), and combined with their long inseams, these should be a slam dunk for you. You don’t need to be afraid of their jeggings, either (just pair with a flowy top to hide any muffin)
  • Siwy – their textured pockets are perfect for filling out the booty, and they also tend to run bigger in the waist than everywhere else.
  • Diesel – if the super-low rise is okay with you, the narrow hips and thighs of most of Diesel’s women’s jeans will give a great fit.



The Goblet


Celebrity fit twins: Jessica Simpson, Christina Ricci, Fergie


For you, the biggest fit issue isn’t necessarily with jeans…it’s your broad shoulders and extremely well-endowed, um, eyes. Right, eyes. I bet you constantly have to remind guys that THEY’RE UP HERE. Okay, well, despite the fact that your most obvious assets aren’t in the jeans area, you do have some special fit considerations that should be taken into account. Since you have the tendency to keep a little bit of a belly, you’ll like some of the same cuts that flatter the Brick girls. I’ll set aside my jealousy for now and make some recommendations for my oppositely-shaped friends!


Features to look for:

  • Fun, funky, elaborate pockets – your butt, while not completely flat, probably needs a little bit of a boost.
  • Cuts that run bigger in the waist than in the hips and thighs
  • Skinnies – they’ll give the illusion of your hips balancing out your top half.
  • Trousers for dressy occasions (especially if they have flap or welt pockets in back)
  • Mid- or slightly higher-rise cuts if you have a tummy – they’ll contain any tummy you might have. A super low (or super high) rise will just make you look more lopsided.


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • 7FAM’s Gwenevere super-skinnies will show off your fabulous legs (but if you’re tall, they may run a little short for you). Roxannes/Roxys, Kates and newer A-Pockets will also fit you nicely. For dressy occasions, try the Charlize or Jiselle flare.
  • J Brand (since they run narrower in the hips than in the waist)
  • Rock & Republic, especially the older Skynard flares if you can find some, since their curved yoke was made for you!
  • Paige Premium Denim (almost any cut is a slam dunk for you, though I’d avoid Rising Glens, which will give you a pancake butt)
  • Adriano Goldschmied (the Bergman trouser is a nice option for going-out jeans, if you can find a pair, and they have several skinny cuts, like the Stilt and the Jegging, that you’ll enjoy)
  • Siwy
  • Diesel (but beware of the super-low rise most of these have)



Group 3: I’m pretty curvy, so that automatically makes me an Hourglass, right?





Perhaps! But more than likely, you’re the very common Vase type; you could also be a true Hourglass or a lucky Cello! In any case, although your body type is super feminine, you probably have difficulty finding jeans that fit every curve of your body, so you may have resorted to wearing skirts all the time. There are jeans out there for you, though!



The Vase


Celebrity fit twins: Kate Winslet, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and a lot of other people


Congratulations! You have one of the most common body types (particularly among northern Europeans), and the less well-endowed among us are jealous! Since your booty is present but not huge, your thighs aren’t particularly thunderous, and your belly is generally proportional to the rest of you (as much as you may be self-conscious of your belly), you’re pretty straightforward to dress. Most brands will have something that flatters you, and the only consideration you’ll want to keep in mind is not to go super-low with the rise…it’ll make your legs look shorter and possibly create a muffin top.


Features to look for:

  • A moderate rise – too low and your belly may be emphasized; too high, and we’ll all be looking at your…”eyes”
  • Not too much detail around the upper front of the jeans – front patch pockets may draw the eye to the belly
  • Most leg cuts will flatter you, but super flares may swallow you up, since your legs aren’t particularly long. Pair wide legs with heels.


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • 7 for All Mankind (just about any cut except the Kate or newer A-Pockets; you might get a gap waist from those)
  • Citizens of Humanity
  • Mother Denim
  • Paige Premium Denim
  • Dylan George
  • Joe’s Jeans (most cuts should work, though you may find the Honey booty-fit to be a little too curvy, giving you a muffin top)
  • Adriano Goldschmied



The Hourglass


Celebrity fit twins: Salma Hayek, Christina Hendricks, Kat Dennings


While you’re the envy of most women, you’re certain that nobody would be jealous of the difficulty you have finding jeans that fit! Much like the Bell, you have long legs and a nice, curvy butt; however, you feel like every pair you try on either gaps at the waist or is too short. I’ll reproduce some of the tips I gave my Bell friends, adapting them to your specific needs!


Features to look for:

  • A wide leg – this will balance out the disproportion between your skinny calves and your butt
  • A lower rise in front with a contoured waist – this will add length to your torso and balance you out, while the higher back rise will prevent you from flashing people.
  • Cuts that run a size or two bigger in the hips than in the waist – this will prevent the dreaded “gap waist,” which plagues you and the Bell more than any other body type
  • Looooong inseams!


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • 7 for All Mankind – since you don’t have the Bell’s thunder thighs, you have more freedom in choosing a cut, but the straight leg is probably as narrow as you should go (unless you’re a very petite Hourglass). Newer A-Pockets and Kates are probably too big in the waist for you, though. Try the old A-Pockets if they are long enough, and Dojos will flatter if you can find a pair that’s smaller in the thighs (or if you’re crafty and can take in the thighs)
  • Older Rock & Republic cuts (Roth, Banchee, David Lee) – the newer ones are too big in the waist and small in the butt, but the older pairs combine extra-long inseams with great curvy fits.
  • Citizens of Humanity
  • True Religion (as with the Bell, you probably don’t need the flap pockets, but their flap-less cuts are a good option). The newer pairs are coming with longer inseams, as well, which is good news for you!
  • J Brand’s Blue Label (the ones specifically cut for curvy shapes)
  • Joe’s “The Honey” booty fit (fits similarly to the J Brand Blue Label)



The Cello


Celebrity fit twins: Kim Kardashian, Oprah


Insert G-string joke here! Okay, seriously, you have a fabulous curvy figure, but you may be envious of all the skinny minnies out there when you have a larger frame. But, more likely, they’re just as jealous of you. You’re not as short-waisted as the Hourglass, but many of your fit issues are the same as hers…and in addition, you may be seeking out sizes outside the normal range of 24-32 in order to accommodate your butt and thighs. So I’ve got some tips especially for you!


Features to look for:

  • Cuts that run extra-generously in the hips and thighs but not the waist
  • Depending on your size, washes that run generously (fitting a size 33 or 34)
  • Stretch fabric, preferably of a heavier weight
  • Dark washes with minimal distress (especially since distress spots can break and allow thighs to bulge out of the holes…)
  • A wide leg…as wide as you can find (you may ask why you keep seeing Kim Kardashian in skinny jeans if she’s also a Cello–the reason for that is, most likely, that she’s made a career out of having a curvy physique, so she is fine wearing cuts that will actually make her look fatter, errrr, curvier. Assuming that most women would rather look more proportionate than look bigger in already well-endowed areas, I’m basing my advice on what cuts will downplay your most ample features!)


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • 7 for All Mankind – Ginger widelegs would work nicely. In addition, these washes are known to run at least 1 size generously in many cuts: LA Dark, New York Dark (newer runs), Hong Kong, Geneva, London, Idaho, St. Petersburg, Sweden, and many others.
  • True Religion – these tend to run generously in the hips and thighs, though you may want to avoid cuts with flap pockets. The Lonestar wash often runs generously (in some cases up to 2 sizes), as well as some pairs of Dark Drifter, Body Rinse, Dark Rambler, and others.
  • Paige Premium Denim also makes a plus-size line (sized like misses, so 14 and up). While I don’t have firsthand experience with their fit, they look a lot curvier in shape than Paige’s regular jeans, so they may be a nice option.
  • J Brand Blue Label (the curvy line) if your overall frame fits within their size ranges
  • Rock & Republic – some of the older washes run up to 2 sizes big (Glycerine, Aerosol, Ephedrine), but stick with the Roth, Banchee and David Lee cuts, because the others will give you a gap waist, assuming they’ll even get up over your thighs (most run small there)



Group 4: “I could eat Mickey D’s all day and not gain an ounce” aka the Beanpoles




Boooooooohooooooooooo. Okay, kidding. While I’ll never be able to identify with your plight, I do understand that you might have trouble finding jeans that fit just right! So I’ve divided you ladies up into 3 categories: the Cornet, the Lollipop, and the Column.



The Cornet


Celebrity fit twins: Cameron Diaz, pretty much any runway model or volleyball player


You’re almost like the taller, more willowy sister of the Brick…you’re all shoulders with a pretty straight, boyish build from there. You might wish for more curves…but the right pair of jeans can give them to you! Just make sure the inseams are long enough and that the jeans don’t run generously in the hips…the last thing you need is a saggy butt.


Features to look for:

  • Long inseams
  • Skinny cuts (but be careful of length, since skinnies will often run short). These will add curves and balance out your shoulders.
  • A wide flare can also work, as long as they are fitted above the knees–too baggy all over and you might find well-meaning townspeople trying to offer you a sandwich.
  • Interesting details, pocket embellishments, fun washes, etc – almost anything goes!
  • A low rise, which will add curves to your butt and tone down the length of your legs


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • Rock & Republic! The narrow hips and thighs, low rises, extra-long inseams and elaborate pockets are ideal for your figure type.
  • J Brand – almost anything is a slam dunk except their Blue Label (curvy) line. You may particularly like the classic 910 and 912 skinny jeans and the Lovestory flare (just be aware that their “The Deal” zipper-ankle skinnies often run short, so this may not be the best option for tall Cornets)
  • Paige Premium Denim – if you can find a pair that’s long enough. They fit similarly to R&R but are a lot more understated.
  • Siwy
  • 7 for All Mankind – awhile ago they offered some XL inseams (around 36″), and these can still be found online occasionally. Most of their more recent Straight-To-Disount (outlet) pairs also have extra-long inseams, around 35 or 36. Even better, if you can get your hands on a sample (prototype) pair, those often have crazy inseams, up to 38″. They sometimes pop up on Ebay.
  • Diesel – they often run a bit longer than their stated inseam, so you might try to find a 34″ length pair and see if they have an extra inch or two. The Louve flares and Matic skinnies would be especially flattering.



The Lollipop


Celebrity fit twins: Angelina Jolie, Leighton Meester


Most people think that skinny girls shouldn’t be naturally well-endowed, right? Well, you must be a freak of nature, then, or so you think. When you’re not trying to fend off stares from infatuated guys, you’re often struggling to find jeans that put your body back into proportion…since they’re usually too baggy, too short, or both! You’ll probably want to follow the same tips I gave the Cornet girls above, and I’ll throw in a couple other suggestions just for you! (A close friend of mine is this type, and we shopped together for her first premium jeans, so I’ll share what has worked for her!)


Features to look for:

  • Cuts that run small in the hips and thighs compared to the waist
  • Detailed washes, elaborate details, contrast stitching
  • Flares that are very well-fitted above the knees
  • Mid-to-low rises – a too-high rise will draw attention to “the girls”
  • Skinnies


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • 7 for All Mankind’s Charlize flare – it tends to run narrow in the hips and thighs compared to the regular flares. You may also enjoy the Jiselle flare or the Kaylie slim flare. For skinnies, try the Roxanne or “The Skinny,” and if you’re petite enough for the inseam, the Gwenevere skinny will work well on you.
  • Diesel – you may especially like the Louve flares, but most pairs within this brand will flatter you.
  • J Brand – you’ll love their Lovestory flare, especially if you’re tall.
  • Siwy
  • Rock & Republic – tall Lollipops will appreciate the long inseams, low rises, small hips and fun details.
  • Paige Premium Denim – Almost any of her cuts will be a slam dunk with you, but my friend seems to wear her Hidden Hills and Laurel Canyons most often, and they do look great on her.



The Column


Like the Cornet, you’re generally quite tall and thin, but you don’t have her “man shoulders.” You might ultimately be a tall Apple whose metabolism is still on her side…but while you’re still a Column, I’ve got some special tips for you!


Features to look for:

  • Serious inseams – nobody wants to look like Steve Urkel!
  • A flared leg, fitted above the knee, with a lowish rise.
  • Funky stitching, flap pockets, embellishments, distressing, unique pocket placement – all will add shape.
  • Skinnies, if you’re not especially tall (say, below 5’9). Putting skinnies on super-tall, short-waisted girls can sometimes give the giraffe effect.
  • Cuffed boyfriend jeans for casual occasions – but not too baggy, or you’ll come close to the bag-lady look. Perhaps size down from your normal size when shopping for these.


Brands and Cuts to Try:

  • Rock & Republic – the inseams are super-long and most come with low rises and interesting detailing. You may especially like the Scorpion utility-pocket flare, which will fill you out and give the illusion of a nipped-in waist. For an extra-low rise, try the Jagger/Jaguar bootcut.
  • True Religion – if you can find some Joey flares that don’t run generously in the hips and thighs, these will look really nice on you, and the Big T and Super T stitch combinations will fill you out a bit.
  • 7FAM’s Josefina skinny boyfriend jeans, worn cuffed – some come with very cool embellishments (Vintage Beverly Glen, Vintage Shore Pine) that will work on you due to your slender build.
  • Current/Elliott offers several types of boyfriend jeans that you might enjoy as well.
  • Diesel – if the inseam is long enough, these will really flatter you.

 To fit in with what they said, and since they were talking about Denim. I jsut want to add the DOs and DON’Ts.




Pear body shape

Pear body shape

Pear-shaped celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Katherine Heigl

  • Pear body traits: Your lower body is wider than your upper body — in other words, your hips are wider than your shoulders. Your bottom is rounded and your waist is well-defined.
  • Your best assets: Shoulders, torso and flat stomach
  • Your fashion goals: Emphasize your waist and arms, add volume to your shoulders and upper body and minimize your hips.

Kim Kardashian has a pear shaped body typs

Dos and don’ts

If your body is pear-shaped like Kim Kardashian’s, then you want to minimize your lower half and focus attention upward.

  • DON’T wear clothing that draws attention to hips and thighs, such as cargo pants or print skirts.
  • DO try a-line skirts, which camouflage wider hips.
  • DO keep hems of pants, skirts and dresses wide to balance the hips.
  • DO experiment with light-colored tops and dark-colored bottoms for contrast.
  • DO look for boat neck tops, square and cowl necklines.
  • DO wear strapless dresses to show off arms and even out proportions.
  • DO try styles with ruffles on top.
  • DO wear jackets that hit right above the waist.
  • DO opt for pointy-toed shoes to elongate your legs.

Wedge body shape

Wedge or inverted triangle body shape

Wedge-shaped celebs: Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Renee Zellweger, Teri Hatcher

  • Wedge body traits: Also known as the inverted triangle, this body shape features a broad chest and wide shoulders which are large in proportion to a narrow waist and hips.
  • Your best asset: Your legs
  • Your fashion goals: Accentuate your lower body while softening your shoulders and upper body.

Audrina Patridge has a wedge body shape; also called inverted triangle body type

Dos and don’ts

If you have a wedge body like Audrina Patridge’s, then you want to draw attention downward to the narrower parts of your body, such as your waist and hips.

  • DO wear bright colors on bottom.
  • DO wear wide-leg pants.
  • DO wear full skirts.
  • DON’T wear spaghetti-strap tops.
  • DON’T wear boat neckline tops.
  • DO wear tops that call attention to your waistline.
  • DO experiment with high-waisted styles.
  • DO look for clothes that create the illusion of a waist.

Rectangle body shape

Rectangle body shape

Rectangle-shaped celebs: Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Hilary Swank

  • Rectangle body traits: The waist, hip and shoulder widths are similar and are usually on the slim side. Slender rectangles have an athletic look about them.
  • Your best assets: Your arms and legs — and you don’t have to minimize any body features.
  • Your fashion goals: Create curves and show off slender legs and arms.

Natalie Portman has a rectangle shaped body type

Dos and don’ts

If your body is rectangle-shaped like Natalie Portman’s, then you want to create curves where they don’t necessarily exist.

  • DO wear scoop neck and sweetheart tops to create curves.
  • DO wear long jackets to create a lean look.
  • DO wear tops with collars, ruffles and details to flatter your chest.
  • DO wear a good bra that will make the most of what you have.
  • DON’T wear overwhelming styles.
  • DO layer to add more dimensions.
  • DO wear dresses with ruching. Cinches on sides are ideal.
  • DO have fun with colorful bottoms… feel free to experiment.

Apple body shape

Apple body shape

Apple-shaped celebs: Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Hudson

  • Apple body traits: Most of your weight accumulates above the hips, which are narrow. Your back, ribs and shoulders are broad, and you may feel wider than other body types.
  • Your best asset: Those legs!
  • Your fashion goals: Elongate the torso, show off your legs and use fashion to create the illusion of a waist.

Jennifer Hudson has an apple shaped body type

Dos and don’ts

If you have an apple-shaped body like Jennifer Hudson’s, then you want to elongate your midsection and create the illusion of a smaller waist.

  • DO go for monochromatic looks.
  • DO go for v-neck tops to create the illusion of a longer torso.
  • DO wear a bra that offers good lift and support.
  • DO wear belts at the smallest part of your waist.
  • DO conceal tummy bulge by wearing empire tops and dresses.
  • DO wear boot cut and flared jeans to create an even line from the shoulders down.
  • DO wear shorter skirts to show off your legs and draw attention away from your midsection.

Hourglass body shape

Hour glass body shape

Hourglass-shaped celebs: Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Vanessa Minnillo

  • Hourglass body traits: Your shoulders and hips are similar in proportion and set off by a tiny waist.
  • Your best assets: Curves, curves, curves!
  • Your fashion goals: Show off your curves… without going overboard.

Dos and don’ts

Beyonce Knowles has an hourglass shaped body type

If your body is hourglass-shaped like Beyonce’s, then you’re a lucky girl! Your shape is all about tastefully showing off those curves: not too baggy, not too tight.

  • DON’T hide your curves with baggy clothing.
  • DO wear a good bra and showcase your bust.
  • DO wear fitted dresses.
  • DO wear a belt at the waist to enhance your hourglass shape.
  • DO try wrap dresses.
  • DO go for high-waisted skirts to show off your hips.
  • DO pick thin, lightweight styles and fabrics.
  • DO wear skinny or straight leg jeans.

I hope this helps you!! Message if you have any questions.  Would love to hear your thoughts.


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