First modeling agency devoted to girls of all sizes sets up shop in NYC

Plus-sized models are continuing to make a statement in the modeling world — more plus-sized models are snatching up campaigns with big brands, and more of them are seen in advertising campaigns. And to follow that suit, there is now a modeling agency devoted to girls of all sizes that has set up shop in New York City.

Photo: Kaela Humphries, Jerritt Clark/WireImage/Getty Images

According to Fashionista, the agency is named Jag and is founded by former Ford agents Gary Dakin and Jaclyn Sarka, both of whom co-directed Ford’s plus board for many years.

“We are the first agency in New York that’s dedicated solely to women of all sizes,” Dakin told Fashionista. “The goal is putting girls of all sizes on the covers of magazines, in advertising, and not stopping.”

“Ford decided to slim down and focus on their core business which is men and women’s fashion and the commercial divisions; there wasn’t really any room for [plus] anymore,” Dakin said. “[Jaclyn and I] saw an opportunity to take the girls that we had developed and rebuild a brand, a different kind of brand.”

Instead of representing one particular size girl, the agency will be open to a little bit of everything. “The average size of the girls [we represent] is a 14/16 but there are 10s and there are 18s and if there’s a size 8 or a size 6 that we fall in love with we’ll take them on,” Dakin explained. “We’re not going to limit ourselves, because the industry shouldn’t be limiting to anybody.”


August 8, 2013. August.

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