Phillip Lim Target Bag Premieres In Fall Ads

When I got word that Phillip Lim would be Target’s fall guest designer, I could hardly contain our excitement. I am used to lusting after the chain’s designer diffusion lines, and I can’t wait to see what hits stores on September 15.

I got my first glimpse of the budget-conscious line to come on Instagram on Wednesday, when blogger Fashion Foie Gras shared a Lim for Target ad image.

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you: That’s a mini Pashli Satchel we see, Lim’s $895 must-have masterpiece. According to The Fashion Law, the mass-market version will retail for — wait for it — a mere $35. Be still, our beating hearts!

While previous Target collabs, like Prabal Gurung‘s and Missoni‘s, offered styles more distinct from their high-end inspirations, Lim’s lookalike design is a landmark move. Hopefully, copying a luxury item for the mass market audience will allow Lim to undercut the possibility of other fast fashion emporiums infringing on his ideas. (Remember that notable $35 Proenza Schouler knockoff that popped up at Target?)

OK, I am officially excited. Get your sneakers ready for September 15, ladies: You’re going to have to race me to the checkout.


3-1-phillip-lim-x-target o-PASHLI-570The original $895 Pashli


August 8, 2013. August.

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