Statement necklaces are exactly what the name suggests; they are necklaces that make a statement. With that in mind, it should definitely compliment your outfit as a whole and not grab all the attention itself! There are many simple ways to wear a statement necklace to liven up an everyday outfit or transform a casual tee. Best of all, statement necklaces can transform an outfit so easily. Simply stash a chunky or shiny statement necklace in your purse to instantly take your outfit from day to night!

Here are 5 ways to wear a statement necklace this season.

1. Add a pop of colour! Use a statement necklace to introduce colour to your outfit. A statement necklace will change the way your outfit looks entirely by bringing new colours or textures. Add neon, metallics, jewel tones, pastels….

2. Add to a collared blouse: Wearing statement necklaces under collared blouses can add a stylish touch to any outfit. This works particularly well when the necklace sits perfectly under the collar. Finish off the look with leather pants and ankle boots or a pencil skirt with heels.

3. Necklace collar: If you want to get the collared sophisticated look without wearing a collared blouse, you can simply wear a collared necklace! There are lots around and it all depends on your preference and taste.

4. High and low: A statement necklace works equally well on with outfits that have a high neck line or a low neckline. If you’re wearing a high neck dress or top (e.g., a turtle neck), a statement necklace will contrast well against the fabric. Or if you have a low neckline the statement necklace can become the focus.

5. Follow the lines: Statement necklaces work best when they follow the shape of the neckline. As a general rule, go for a round shaped necklace with a round neckline, while opt for a V shaped necklace with a V neckline. Of course every rule has its exceptions so just make sure it brings balance to your bodice.



August 23, 2013. August.

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