The Average Woman Carries Around $2,000 of Stuff in Her Handbag, Says this Analysis. What’s in Yours?

Here’s a stat that was just published today that we’re finding hard to believe (but, somehow, easy to believe at the same time): According to a British department store’s tally, the average woman carries about $2,000 worth of stuff in her handbag on any given day.

This includes the handbag itself—John Lewis’ team estimates it’s probably worth about $350—a wallet/purse, a tablet computer, an umbrella, lipstick, lotion, mascara, hairbrush, sunglasses, gloves, accessories, and more.

OK, so I guess when you add it all up, the contents of an average bag is worth a pretty penny. What’s in your handbag, and how much do you think all its contents are worth?


November 1, 2013. October.

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