Selfridges offers shoppers champagne from new vending machine

Most Christmas shoppers would be happy with a fizzy soda from the vending machine, but Selfridges customers have the option of their very own bottle of champagne.

The famous luxury department store has launched the world’s first champagne vending machine at its flagship store on Oxford Street, and for a mere £17.99 a golden vending machine will carefully dispense a mini bottle of Moët & Chandon to thirsty shoppers.

Denise Hunter, 42, hunted out the vending machine all the way from Aberdeen, after her brother Graham and fellow champagne aficionado read about it online.

She said: “When my brother told me about it I couldn’t believe it. I’m in London for the weekend for Christmas shopping so decided to come and get one, as well as one for him as a surprise.

“The idea of it in a vending machine is a lovely idea but it would be better if it was chilled.

“We won’t be drinking it though; I’ll just keep it on my cupboard at home because it’s so pretty.”

Stocked with 350 Art Deco-inspired crystal minis, the vending machine has a golden arm which carefully selects each bottle and delivers it into the bottom window once a red Moet seal -button is pushed.

It’s not quite the same as putting your coins in the slot and watching a can crash to the floor, however, as customers must collect their champagne and pay at the till.

Jone Mun, 21, also hunted out the vending machine while Christmas shopping as he is a fan of champagne in his home country of Malaysia.

He said: “In my country we have champagne a lot, especially Dom Perignon. The machine looks cool and I think it’s a great idea.”

Suzanne Raymond, 61, Woodford in Essex said: “I suppose I’d like to be in a hotel to have it properly but it’s a great stop-off on the way from shopping to take home. It’s nice for Christmas or as a stocking filler and it’s very stylish.”

Selfridges Wine and Spirits buyer Dawn Davies said: “Working with Moët & Chandon to unveil the world’s first champagne vending machine has been an exciting collaboration for Selfridges.

“This year, Selfridges have taken Christmas to a whole new level, transforming the entire fourth floor into a one-stop destination for gifting, and the inclusion of the world’s first Moët vending machine makes a decadent addition to our Christmas Emporium.”


November 26, 2013. November.

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