Chic Casual……Casual Chic

You know how you can never toast bread to that perfect, golden middle ground? It always ends up white as a sheet or black as a frying pan. That’s kind of what Casual Chic is: an elusive middle ground between casual and club that, when used effectively, is appropriate for all types of social situations. So take it from me: I’ll keep you golden.

Remember the key is to combine some fashionable element with casual attire and add some of your personal style into your outfit. Dressy, sophisticated and comfortable can happen at the same time. An example? Nice dark jeans with a flashy top would rock this dress code.


Dark Fitted Jeans

Dress Shirt (Button Down)

Silk Sport Long Sleeve

Dress Jacket

Elegant Blouse


Slacks (Black or Khaki)



Oh, VB. Camilla Belle.  22 Amazing Jeans Outfit Ideas

Hermoso Perfect for a date, dinner, lounge, any casual evening event! Trendy & dressy but still casual enough not to be considered too dressy! > 3



Dress Shirt (Button Down)

Dress Jacket

Dark Dressy Jeans

Slacks (Black or Khaki)

Sport Coat



Boat Shoes

Short Boots

Smart to casual Smart casual, easy to do with jeans and a waistcoat/belt. Mens Fashion... Love the sport coat/hat/jean combo. AND he's a hottie. :) Trunk Club Men's Outfiters


Dress Shirt (Button Down)

Nice Pants (Black or Khaki)

Close Toed Shoes

Don’t Wear:



Anything Too Dressy


December 6, 2013. December.

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