As a seasoned shopper, you’re no novice when it comes to snagging something on sale. But did you know there are specific months that offer the best discounts on everything from denim to diamonds?

Best Time To Buy

January: Suits

Since January is considered a slow month for suit sales, retailers lower prices to boost business.

Best Time To Buy

February: Jewelry

Whether or not you have a special someone on Valentine’s Day, you can still make off like a bandit thanks to the jewelry promotions pegged to the holiday.

When To Buy

March: Luggage

Come Spring Break, you’re likely to find suitcases on sale, making it a great time to snag a new carry-on.

Best Time To Buy

April: Raincoats

Retailers take the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers,” seriously by stocking up on raincoats, yet making sure they’re priced to move, since there’s a limited time to get rid of them before sunny May rolls around.

Best Time To Buy

April/May: Thrift & Consignment

You have spring cleaning to credit for the influx of gems to be found at thrift and consignment stores during these two months.

Best Time To Buy

May: Athletic Apparel

Whether it’s because it’s finally warm enough to exercise outside or the impending arrival of beach season, you’ll find fitness gear at a generous discount.

Best Time To Buy

July/August: Summer Apparel

Sales on summer collections are in full swing during these months, making it the perfect time to pick up seasonal essentials such as sundresses, sandals, and shorts. Bonus tip: sale stock will be more plentiful in July, but come August, the discounts will be steeper!

Best Time To Buy

August: Swimsuits

Stores want to clear out summer leftovers to make room for fall merchandise. Translation: the price on that bikini you’ve been stalking is likely to take a swan dive.

When To Buy

September: Sunglasses

With Daylight Savings looming on the horizon, sunnies (priced at their highest during the summer months) get a tidy markdown.

Best Time To Buy

October: Denim

After the back-to-school rush has died down, retailers cut prices to move, and jean stock tends to be at the top of their list.

Best Time To Buy

November: Luxury Items

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions often feature store-wide sales, this is an ideal time to treat yourself to luxury items, like cashmere sweaters, that don’t often go on sale.

Best Time To Buy

November: Pajamas

Retailers often put PJ sets on sale in late November in an attempt to convince shoppers to give the gift of loungewear.

Best Time To Buy

November: Sneakers

Incoming shipments of winter boots and shoes means sneaker prices will be seriously slashed.

Best Time To Buy

December: Outerwear

With the winter season well under way, stores are looking to clear out their inventory to accommodate spring collections. That means a steep discount on that boyfriend coat you’ve been eyeing all season.



January 20, 2014. January.

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