21 Things only Fashion Girls understand

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve done something wacky in the name of fashion. Perhaps you’ve earned a quizzical look for calling in sick to go to a sample sale or an eye-roll for limping in your ridiculously painful, yet ridiculously cute designer shoes.

Ever had a friend or family member that just didn’t get how you feel about fashion? This ones for you, girl.

1. Thinking a $700 furry keychain totally makes sense.

2. Sunglasses when it’s clearly overcast. Hello, it totally makes the outfit.

3. Shamelessly running after strangers yelling: “Where did you get that?!”

4. Purposefully showing off granny panties.

5. The fear that your first-knuckle rings are always going to fall off.

6. Wearing shoes that may also function as torture devices.

7. Deciding to wear the jumpsuit despite having to completely disrobe to use the restroom.

8. Not caring that your mom jeans are man repellant.

9. Heels that shed.

10. Wearing pajamas out of the house is totally acceptable, but only with heels.

11. Having a “Who wore it better?” moment.

12. Stroking your own furry coat in public.

13. Knowing which heels are exclusively cab-to-curb styles, and being okay with it.

14. Riding bikes while wearing heels, because, duh, so cute.

15. Sneakers with…everything!

16. Having to comb your coat.

17. Calling in sick to work to go to a sample sale.

18. Accidentally twinning with your equally stylish best friend. (your sister)

19. Accidentally buying the Zara item that suddenly everyone on the planet owns.

20. Following the mantra: no bra, no problem.

21. Carrying at least one other bag with a change of shoes.


February 12, 2014. Feburary.

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