Tom Ford pays tribute to Jay-Z with London dress

tom ford jay z dress

tom ford jay z dress

Tom Ford paid tribute to Jay-Z at his London Fashion Week show on Monday by including a sequinned version of the rapper’s TOM FORD 61 football jersey in his collection of evening wear.

Amid an elegant, luxurious range of fur coats and velvet and cashmere dresses, Ford included two glittering shift dresses, one in black and the other in a rusty orange.

Worn with stiletto boots and a leather trim, they both bore the words TOM FORD 61 and MOLLY, crossed out, on the front and back in white sequins.

The original concert t-shirt is designed by the French clothing line called BBP and retails for $65.  Unsurprisingly its gong to cost you way more to own Tom Ford’s versions.  $6500 for his knock off!!

It was a knock-off of the jersey Jay-Z has worn while performing his tribute song “Tom Ford”, which references the designer’s birth year, 1961, and the drug-related lyrics.

In the song, Jay-Z says “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford” — taken to mean that he doesn’t take MDMA, a pure form of ecstasy, instead getting his kicks from a sharp suit.

Ford drew on shapes from the London fashions of the 1960s for the skirt suits and shifts of his autumn/winter 2014 collection, in a palette of black, white and bright red.



February 20, 2014. Feburary.

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