9 Subtle Ways To Look Sexy

1. Sheer Skirts

This is about as provocative as this slideshow gets. Yes, your undergarments will be revealed, but if said undergarments are high-waisted full-coverage briefs and the skirt itself comes to a demure below-the-knee length, the effect is sultry, not scandalous. ​

Sheer Skirts

2. Bustiers + Button-Down Shirts

A bustier on its own may feel little over-the-top. Tone it down with a crisp button-down shirt layered underneath.

Bustier + Button Down Shirts

3. Backless Jumpsuits

Otherwise known as double-take bait.

Backless Jumpsuits

4. Sheer Panel Camisoles

A sheer delight has subtle allure in spades.

Sheer Panel Camisoles

5. D’Orsay Heels

The French heel with a cut-out vamp is revealing in the right way. Très provocateur!

D'Orsay Heels

6. Low-Armhole Shirts

This is the perfect opportunity to show a peek of your favorite lacy bra.

Low-Armhole Shirts

7. Lace-Up Details

The possibility of coming unlaced is always a bit suggestive.

Lace-Up Details

8. Off-The-Shoulder Tops

There’s no need for cleavage when your shoulders are bared.

Off-The-Shoulder Tops

9. Slit Pants

A little sliver of ankle is more alluring than you would think.

Slit Pants



May 16, 2014. May.

One Comment

  1. Enrico Penso replied:

    la classe traspare,in tutti i sensi..in ispecie la vista!

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