11 Signs That Your Closet Is Out of Control — and 6 Smart Solutions For Cleaning It Up

You consider yourself a pretty put-together person, but you’re harboring one very big secret: your closet is a nightmare. I know the type — I’ve been there myselves, though it took some time to admit it. Yes, I’ve hoarded piles of striped shirts and couldn’t get out the door for work without digging to the back of my closets for that one blouse I was certain I just got back from the cleaners — but by the time I found it, it was wrinkled. Like I said, it took some time to face facts, but I finally addressed my messy closets head on, and I’m better woman for it. So, before you give up hope, read through: I’m staging an intervention.

1. You can’t ever find anything in your closet, so it makes a perfect place to hide.

2. The freebie tees you accumulated during college are still taking up valuable shelf space.

3. Your clothes are constantly wrinkled since you can never store anything properly.

4. You keep holding out hope that someone will make a real-life version of Cher Horowitz’s outfit matchmaker, and then you’ll never have to physically sort through your clothes.

5. You know you have basic pieces like a white tee and a button-down, but you keep buying new ones since you can’t seem to find them in the piles in your closet.

6. You have to allow yourself an extra 30 minutes to get dressed in the morning just so you can dig through the racks to find what you’re looking for.

7. Your friends are always noticing how much clothing you have, but you still have nothing to wear.

8. In fact, you lend your clothes to friends and forget to ask for them back because you don’t even notice what’s missing from your wardrobe.

9. You haven’t worn an item in over two years, but you keep holding onto it, waiting for the right occasion (or waiting for it to fit).

10. Despite having a closet that’s stuffed to the brim, you can never resist going shopping.

11. You’ve surpassed the limit for clothing storage in the closet, the hall closet, under the bed, and in the oven.


July 28, 2014. July.

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