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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong ."Gandhi".  I will continue to pray.


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newborn calf #ecard #funny

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7 things

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Think positive.

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If loving shoes is a crime... img by @Brian_Atwood

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"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." e.e. cummings | Life is Beautiful

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the more you Monday Motivational

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Remember when you were so up and ready at the beginning of all this and change now so that you are like that again.

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Hukkster…..do you know what it is?

Hukkster is a free shopping tool that tracks products online for users and notifies them via email, text message, and/or push notification when those products go on sale or when a coupon code or promotion is applicable.

After creating a Hukkster account, users drag the “hukk it” bookmarklet to their browser’s Bookmarks Bar. Users can then “hukk” products they are interested in from over 1,000 online retailers currently (January 2013) supported by Hukkster by clicking on the “hukk it” bookmarklet. Then, users can self-select a sale price threshold at which they would purchase the product. That “hukk” is then saved to the user’s “my hukks” page within hukkster.com. If the product goes on sale or there is a relevant coupon code or promotion, Hukkster will notify the user via email, text message, and/or push notification presenting them with the ability to purchase. Hukkster receives a referral fee for products purchased via a Hukkster sale notification.

Hukkster’s list and sharing functionality allows users to categorize and share “hukks” with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email

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5 Pretty Fall-Winter Dresses That Will Fit and Flatter a Larger Chest

There’s nothing quite as easy or satisfying as pulling on the perfect dress in the morning and heading out the door—especially in the dead of winter, when you’re likely to be getting ready while it’s still dark and cold outside.

But if you (like me) have trouble finding dresses that fit because your top and bottom are vastly different sizes, then dress-shopping can turn into a frustrating chore. Every season, I’m always on the lookout for flattering pieces that will fit my more-bosomy figure—without winding up looking short-waisted, bulky, swathed in excess fabric, or exposing too much cleavage. And while we all know that good tailoring is key to figure-flattery, it can be really hard to find dresses that fit both your shoulders and waist/hips while not pulling across your chest.

So, for the past month, I’ve been trawling all my favorite e-commerce sites looking for winter dresses—and, most important, party-ready dresses for the holiday season. Here are five great ones I’ve found that are versatile enough to wear both to work and to play.

The Party DressBaroque floral dress, $111, at Pepperberry: If you’re a top-heavy woman who hasn’t heard of Pepperberry, definitely check it out! The clothes are cut in three different bust sizes: curvy, really-curvy, and super-curvy (once in a while, they’ll even make tops in “super-duper curvy”).


The After-Work-Drinks DressLong-sleeve twist-front dress, $46, at Miss Selfridge: Thick, stretchy jersey is always a great option when you’re buying online—but for the bigger-busted, it’s hard to tell where a straight waistline is going to land when you get the dress home. That’s why a twist-front top like this is a great bet. I just ordered this dress from Miss Selfridge, and I think it’s going to be a great dress—both for work and play—this season, dressed up or down with tights, heels, boots, and cute cardigans.


The Versatile Cocktail Dress“Ivy” dress by Jessica Wright, $112, at Lipstick Boutique: I’m a huge British reality-television junkie—and it turns out that lots of reality stars in the U.K. are bigger-chested and, coincidentally, have their own clothing lines. Jessica Wright is a cast member on The Only Way Is Essex, and her designs are almost always super-boob-friendly and figure-flattering in that waist-emphasizing way.


The Perfect Work DressTailored pinstripe dress, $350, at Karen Millen: Maybe it’s because I grew up in the ’80s, but I always think of pinstripe-anything as the ultimate professional look. And Karen Millen is one of my go-to dress shops if I ever need anything before a wedding, a job interview, or a special event—because the dresses tend to fit bigger busts really well.


The Everyday Dress-Up, Dress-Down DressMilitary detail shift dress, $55, at Warehouse: Sometimes you just need a LBD to wear on an everyday basis—and for bigger chests it’s little details at the shoulders and waistlines that make all the difference in figure-flattery.



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